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NHS Big Health and Care Conversation

Added: 16th August 2018

Big Health and Care Conversation

Bin Collection Reminder

We have been asked to remind everyone that, when putting out your bins, the handles should face the road.  More information can be found at

Added: 6th September 2018

Letter of Clarification

from Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne

Local Councils will no doubt be aware of a recent report in the Sunday Times that showed Sussex Police to have the lowest number of response officers per 100,000 population of any police force in the Country. As you might imagine SSALC took this matter up with the PCC and Chief Constable and as a result, closer examination of the figures showed them to be incorrect; Sussex is in fact 28th out of the 43 police forces and not at the bottom of the league.


The letter attached from Katy Bourne explains the position and Katy has asked that this be shared with local councils in Sussex.


Kind regards,


Trevor Leggo


Sussex PCC Letter

Added: 12th September 2018

Starting School - September 2019

Starting School

New Permit Scheme at Household Waste Recycling Sites

Waste Permit #1 Waste Permit #2 Waste Times

Added: 27th September 2018

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - The Street, Bramber

Start date: 22nd October 2018

Road Closure

Added: 3rd October 2018

Planned Roadworks in West Sussex

3rd October to 17th October 2018

Click the button below for a list of planned roadworks either on-going or starting within the next fortnight.


Additional information on each roadwork is then available by clicking on the road name.  This will take you to the Council’s Travel Information website, which contains the latest information for the works.  This includes the contact details for the contractor responsible for the work.  Please contact them direct if you require any further information.


Please note that carriageway works being undertaken by West Sussex Highways are subject to last minute date changes due to weather conditions, equipment breakdown or emergency work taking priority.  The works may start at any time up to 5 days from the planned start date given above.  On street yellow ‘Advanced Warning’ boards will provide details of latest dates.


An alternative map-based report showing roadworks for the following month is available here. Be aware that the report may not be available until after 5pm on a Wednesday. In the event that this week’s report is not currently available, the link will display last week’s report. Information for individual parishes can be viewed by selecting the required parish name from the dropdown list available by clicking on the menu button. Note: the map-based report requires the use of an up-to-date browser.




Mark McNamara

TICC Operator

Residents’ Services – Highways and Transport

West Sussex County Council


Location: County Hall (Northleigh), West Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1RQ

Contact: Internal: 23058 | External: +44 (0)330 222 3058 | E-mail:

Planned Roadworks

Added: 5th October 2018