Bramber Parish Council

The Bramber Brooks Management Committee is a sub-committee of Bramber Parish Council whose purpose is to manage and help maintain the new Bramber Brooks nature reserve and community orchard.  The parish does not own the land - it simply provides a service to the owners: Riversong Ltd.


Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Nature Reserve area in order to protect the wildlife - they are, of course, welcome on the rest of the Bramber Brooks site.


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Bramber Brooks Management Committee

Committee Minutes

The minutes of the meetings of the Management Committee can be read by clicking the appropriate button below:-

September 2018

Bramber Community Orchard

Initial Planting

Added: 27th February 2018

The orchard planting day went well last Saturday and details of the trees planted can be seen by clicking the button below. The trees on the information sheet are numbered 1 to 8… with 1 being the nearest to the public footpath and 8 being furthest away.

Tree List

Added: 27th September 2018

August Newsletter

Click the button below to read the latest bramber Brooks newsletter from Nick Mills of Riversong Ltd:-

August Newsletter

Added: 6th September 2018

Photo0189 Photo0191 Photo0186 July 2018

Committee Agenda

The Agenda for the next Committee meeting on 13th November can be read by clicking the button below:-


Added: 8th November 2018